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The only adherence platform clinically proven to be effective, by data reports from top specialty pharmacies.

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AdhereTech is Trusted by the World’s Largest Healthcare Companies

  • Available at 7 of the top-10 specialty pharmacies (& many more)
  • Offered for many leading specialty medications, via partnerships with 7 large pharma manufacturers (& growing)
  • Used by tens of thousands of patients

Real-World Results, Published by Top Pharmacies

AdhereTech’s programs result in patients staying on the medication longer, with increased adherence while they are on therapy. This drives additional fills of medication per patient per year (PPPY), as compared to the baseline metrics.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy UnitedHealth Group

1 - 2 additional fills of medication per patient per year

More Results

  • Time on therapy increased by 26%
  • Fill rates increased by 9%
  • Dose-level adherence increased by 15%

Diplomat Pharmacy Largest independent pharmacy in US

1+ additional fills of medication per patient per year

More Results

  • Patient retention increased by 12%
  • Significant increase in adherence and persistence
  • Gap days reduced by 19 days per patient per year

US Bioservices AmerisourceBergen

1+ additional fills of medication per patient per year

More Results

  • Time on therapy extended by 1.5 months
  • Patients new to the medication had 1.3 additional fills
  • Patients already on the medication had 1.2 additional fills

Clinical Use-Case: Avella Specialty Pharmacy United Health Group

Median adherence rate of 100% for AdhereTech patients

More Results

  • AdhereTech patients took nearly 4x as many doses in on-time window vs. control group
  • Very positive feedback from patients
  • Reduced the need for costly interventions by 90%
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AdhereTech has amassed the world’s largest dataset of medication adherence behavior from actual patients.

Our HIPAA-compliant software platform analyzes a number of data feeds, which only AdhereTech can access, such as: real-time adherence information from our devices, patient messages & feedback, and pharmacy inputs & data. For patients, AdhereTech’s system uses this analysis to intelligently provide the right type of support at the right time. For healthcare companies, AdhereTech’s system discovers trends and behavioral insights that were previously impossible to access.

Improved data. Improved care.

Our proprietary software analyzes real-world adherence data, and uses these learnings to improve patient care.

Detailed quantitative performance metrics

The system’s quantitative data reports show how well AdhereTech is working for your patients. These include a number of metrics across various patient cohorts, such as: persistence rates, adherence rates, retention curves, gap day distribution, and much more.

Actionable insights into the patient journey

With AdhereTech, you will learn more about your patients. As one example, our system uncovers the specific reasons why patients discontinue, change, or pause therapy at different points along the patient journey - and how AdhereTech’s ability to immediately connect the patient to care improves retention and the patient experience.

Predictive analytics to catch issues early

Different patients need different care along their journey. AdhereTech’s system contains hundreds of millions of adherence data points, and it leverages these learnings to identify which patients may need additional care, while certain issues are still solvable. AdhereTech’s software system can proactively make HCPs aware of these particular patients too.

Enhanced patient experience & engagement

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