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AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles are currently being used by patients in pharmaceutical and research engagements. These bottles collect and send all adherence data in real-time. The system automatically analyzes this information and populates the data on our secure dashboard. If doses are missed, patients can receive customizable alerts and interventions - using automated phone calls, text messages, and more.

"To help patients take their medications on time, AdhereTech is remaking that ubiquitous orange bottle and giving it a high-tech facelift."


"AdhereTech's... automated pill bottle... glows blue when it is time to take a dose. The bottle can also beam data to AdhereTech's servers and send text alerts as reminders."

The Wall Street Journal

"Taking medicine at the right time... could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why AdhereTech has created smart pill bottles that send real-time alerts to secure online servers and users."

Business Insider

"Getting patients to take their pills is a big problem in the medical field. AdhereTech... [has created] a smart pill bottle with built-in cell phone technology that alerts you to take your medication when you are supposed to."

CBS News

"AdhereTech's smart pill bottle is designed to make sure you have no excuse for not taking your medicine. The container... sends the information wirelessly to patients and doctors."

CNN Money

"AdhereTech‘s... system works equally well for patients with landlines, cell phones or smart phones."


"AdhereTech's smart pill bottles help monitor medication adherence. It snagged the Healthcare Innovation World Cup."


" may not ever have to stress about missing your meds again."

The Verge
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