Comprehensive data, collected with ease

Optimized protocol adherence tracking with easy-to-use technology and reliable dose-level data for researchers.


Optimized protocol adherence tracking with easy-to-use technology and reliable dose-level data for researchers.

A smart way to track and collect dosing data

When conducting research on the benefits of a particular therapy, having the confidence that patients have actually taken the medication as per the protocol is critical. Aidia gives you the confidence, that not only have patients taken their medication but also provides insightful data on exactly when patients took the medication, down to the second.

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Easy-to-use with flexible settings to match your study needs. Patients are more likely to stay adherent in the study protocol, and have been consistently shown to experience high satisfaction rates with Aidia.

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Real-time medication-taking data that flows into your management systems with customizable reports to support interim and adjunct analyses.

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Proven protocol-monitoring experience with over 50 of the leading medical centers around the world.

My research colleagues and I conducted a randomized controlled trial of an educational intervention to improve glaucoma medication adherence. The patients using the Aidia Smart Bottle and messaging functions showed 20% higher adherence to the medication regimen compared to the control arm.

Kelly M., MD, from a regional health center

Given the adherence seen in the trial, my sense is that the AdhereTech smart bottle has a very positive impact on our study’s adherence rates.

Calman Prussin., MD, from Areteia Therapeutics

The Aidia Smart Cap
The Aidia Smart Cap

The Aidia Smart Cap

Our innovative Aidia device has all the features of our Smart Bottle technology, without the need to transfer investigation product between containers. It does this by fitting over standard prescription bottle caps to ensure medication stability.

  • Zero patient setup – always connected via cellular
  • Works worldwide, even in areas with low cellular coverage
  • Cap fits multiple size Rx bottle caps
  • No contact with medication
  • Smart prompts, OLED message screen, lights and chimes
  • Dose behavior recorded in real-time, with or without patient prompting/reminder
  • 5 months of battery life; charges via standard USB-C

Health equity issues affect protocol compliance

Increasing study population diversity increases risk of higher protocol non-compliance due to longstanding health equity issues.

Across disease states, patients struggle with persistence on medication. This is even lower in minority populations. The odds of non-adherence to antihypertensive medications were 47% & 44% higher among Black & Hispanic patients, as compared to white patients.

Lower medication adherence among Black and Brown communities is not limited to one or a few health conditions — these disparities have been demonstrated in communities of color across a wide array of diseases.

Demographics Table

Aidia shows positive impact on protocol compliance

In a 12-week Ph2 Asthma study, over 90% of patients remained adherent throughout.

Source: Safety and Efficacy of Dexpramipexole in Eosinophilic Asthma (EXHALE): A randomized controlled trial

Percentage of Aidia Patients with >90% Adherence

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