Continuous connection that creates real-time and actionable data

Real-time visibility into patient behavior leads to interventions that keep patients on therapy longer.


Real-time visibility into patient behavior leads to interventions that keep patients on therapy longer.

AdhereTech works with leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial teams to foster optimal adherence with reliable data to support data-driven interventions when patients need help to continue on therapy.

Commercial programs

Real-time data leads to real-time improvements in care

Nonadherence to medication presents costly and avoidable challenges, including delayed refills, sub-optimal efficacy, potential disease progression, and patient drop offs. As you know, just telling patients what they should do is usually not enough. They require access to appropriate tools, support, and care to achieve optimal health outcomes.

We take a patient-first approach

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Easy-to-use technology prompts patients to take their medication and regulates dose-time behavior with high patient satisfaction.

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Real-time, personalized communications with feedback loop identifies issues for early intervention.

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Live support provides continuous connection to care with clinical escalation alerts to care teams.

Early intervention keeps patients on therapy

Our revolutionary adherence system provides actionable and data-driven support between refills and visits to healthcare providers.

Higher retention rate1
Increased time on therapy2
Additional fillsper patient, per year1-4
References: 1. Diplomat Pharmacy. 2. Avella Pharmacy. 3. Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP). 4. US Bioservices.

Understanding patient behavior sets them up for success

Aggregating behavioral data and delivering valuable insights into the patient journey predicts needed support at optimal intervention points along the treatment journey.

Customizable program solutions

We work with you to develop treatment-specific motivational and achievement messaging to engage patients and encourage positive experiences.

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Clinical trials

Keep your patients and trial on track

Suboptimal adherence during clinical trials may cause unnecessary dropouts and result in less comprehensive data on the true impact of medication interventions. AdhereTech works with leading pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to optimize clinical trial adherence, resulting in greater patient retention, superior data integrity, and efficient use of remote resources.

Maximize safety, patient retention, and data integrity

The Aidia System™ provides state-of-the-art devices and software to monitor and regulate dosing behavior for seamless integration into traditional, hybrid, and decentralized trials. Aidia captures reliable adherence data, minimizing potential inaccuracy that can arise from self-reported diaries.

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Validation of doses taken in real time identifies late and missed doses immediately for remediation of adherence behavior.

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2-way messaging connects patients and site staff to easily identify and remediate nonadherence or protocol deviations before it becomes a discontinuation.

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Seamless access to in-depth dosing data and customized reporting facilitates interim and adjunct analyses and compresses first patient in-last patient out (FPI-LPO) interval.

Our trial patients found the technology easy to use. We were impressed by the detailed data collected and functionality of the AdhereTech reporting. It allowed us to identify adherence risks at the subject level on a daily basis, resulting in quick remediation.

Jim M., VP Clinical Operations & Data Management from a pharmaceutical company

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