Philosophy and Focus

Our goal is to use our clinically-proven technology to improve the patient experience. To ensure that we can achieve our objectives in a sustainable and scalable manner, there are two main priorities that drive every decision we make:

1. Regulatory compliance and patient safety

We are able to reach patients, because we have secured partnerships with many of the world’s largest healthcare companies. These established firms will only use technologies that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. In order to achieve the highest standards for our clients and patients, AdhereTech’s top priority is full compliance with all relevant requirements and safety standards from numerous regulatory bodies, including but not limited to: FDA, HIPAA, CE, USP, ISO, FCC and more. (We are always proud to share our detailed regulatory package with customers.)

2. Improving the patient experience through patient-centric design

With regulatory compliance as a prerequisite, our decisions are driven by what is best for the patient. It’s why we ensure that the product and service is always free for patients, that it fits seamlessly into patients’ lives, and that it’s clinically-proven to increase persistence and adherence.

This concept of patient-centric design is so core to our company’s identify, that AdhereTech’s CEO/Cofounder has given a TED Talk on this topic, where he shares the top three principles that guide AdhereTech's approach to patient-centric design.


AdhereTech is comprised of passionate individuals from the worlds of: computer science, healthcare, engineering, patient support, data analysis, design, manufacturing, and business. AdhereTech also works with a number of successful healthcare and technology executives as our advisors, investors, and Board of Directors. Our company’s success is equally attributed to the wonderful & brilliant people on our team - and the many industry-leading organizations who partner with us to improve the patient experience.

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Awards and Recognition

As an acknowledgement of our patient-centric design approach, AdhereTech’s devices have been displayed at some of the world’s top museums, such as The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Vienna Technical Museum, and The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

In recognition of our groundbreaking approach to improving care, AdhereTech has received numerous awards from top organizations, including: The Cleveland Clinic, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim, The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, A’ Design, The Henry Ford Innovation Institute, The LIVESTRONG Foundation, The NYCEDC, and more.

AdhereTech is often featured in the press, because our innovative solution resonates with people and patients across the globe.

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