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An elegantly simple and proven system designed to gently remind patients to take their medications and intervene when they don’t — early enough to make a difference. Making sure not a day is lost on their path to better health.


An elegantly simple and proven system designed to gently remind patients to take their medications and intervene when they don’t — early enough to make a difference. Making sure not a day is lost on their path to better health.

AdhereTech works with leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial teams to foster optimal adherence with reliable data to support data-driven interventions when patients need help to continue on therapy.

Pharma programs

Partnership across the pharma development and commercialization lifecycle

AdhereTech works closely with leading pharma companies to support clinical development of a medicine, and once approved, works to support optimal patient adherence throughout the medicine’s lifecycle, from launch through LoE.

Behavioral Intelligence

Increasingly challenging environment

Despite increased investment in supporting access to new medicines, prescription fulfillment rates are down 54% between 2015-2021 with only 25% of newly launched prescribed medicines being fulfilled in the commercial channel.

New Patient Utilization Management

Business model

High patient opt-in rate allows platform to collect patient data and provide timely interventions

Pharma engages AdhereTech and we integrate Aidia into the existing specialty medicine distribution network. This integration allows for personalized, real-time behavioral intervention and support for patients — at zero cost to them. By working directly with specialty pharmacies, AdhereTech is also able to escalate clinical issues to patient care teams, ensuring that patients receive support when they need it the most.

Deep integration

AdhereTech system and data is integrated into established workflows.

Easy onboarding

Simple, patient-friendly onboarding process with high net implementation rate > 50%.

Thoughtful design

Designed to optimize patient experience and care team workflows.

Partner portal gives visibility into patient behavior

24/7 dashboard focuses care resources where needed, when needed

  • Actionable analytics
  • Patient dose tracking
  • Patient communications
  • Adherence reporting and charts
  • Timely alerts optimizing care team resources
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Customizable program solutions

We work with our Pharma partners to develop treatment-specific motivational and achievement messaging to engage patients and reinforce positive experiences, optimizing use of programmable data to ensure interventions maximize efficiency and impact.

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Clinical trials

Protocol non-compliance is a key risk to study outcomes

Patient non-compliance with a study protocol is a risk to study outcomes. However, studies suffer from a lack of visibility into whether a patient has followed the study protocol. Investigational product exposures <80% result in a failed study. On the flip side, sponsors have no visibility into whether a patient has taken more investigational product than intended, thereby increasing the risk of toxicity. Both situations put the study outcome at risk.

It’s estimated that 40% of clinical trial patients become non-adherent with study protocols in less than 5 months. (Source: Non-Adherence: A Direct Influence on Clinical Trial Duration and Cost)

Unfortunately, existing protocol compliance solutions add to, rather than reduce, patient burden — as they require patients to download apps, connect via wifi, etc.— which limits their use and increases the risk of low quality, incomplete data, undermining study integrity.

Separately, there is a drive to increase diversity in clinical trials. However, long standing health equity issues result in medication non-adherence being an even greater issue in minority populations. (Source: Health Inequities Impede Access to Medicines)

AdhereTech works with leading pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions to optimize their clinical study protocol adherence, resulting in greater patient retention, reduced costs, improved data integrity and more reliable study outcomes.

Aidia significantly improves protocol compliance and study efficiency

AdhereTech’s solution, The Aidia System™, monitors and collects patient medication taking behavior in real-time via a cellular connection with no patient setup or need for apps. Aidia uses always-on cellular, minimizing infrastructure needed to work internationally and even works in areas of low cellular coverage, storing results until a signal is available again.

Aidia helps minimize the burden on study sites by providing customizable, real-time interventions and escalations to help patients stay compliant with the study protocol, reducing the need for additional recruitment, as well as administrative costs and risks to study outcomes. Aidia collects and aggregates patient medication taking data in real-time which is then consolidated to support regulatory submissions and generate unique patient insights informing future studies and launch planning.

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Aidia validates number of doses taken in real time, identifying late or missed doses immediately for remediation of protocol deviations. If patient medication-taking behavior begins to deviate, Aidia provides gentle real time reinforcement to help patients get back on track.

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If protocol non-compliance continues, Aidia tailors its approach to gradually escalate interventions via optional 2-way messaging connecting patients and site staff to easily identify and resolve issues.

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Aidia provides seamless access to in-depth dosing compliance data & customized reporting, facilitates interim & adjunct analyses supporting regulatory submissions, and generates unique patient-level insights.

Our trial patients found the technology easy to use. We were impressed by the detailed data collected and functionality of the AdhereTech reporting. It allowed us to identify adherence risks at the subject level on a daily basis, resulting in quick remediation.

Jim M., VP Clinical Operations & Data Management from a pharmaceutical company

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